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NCD Activities

Overview of activities

NCD networks a variety of fields and phenomena under the concept that images equal emotions. The company identifies consumer psychology and changes over time, and converts those to usable information.

NIPPON COLOR & DESIGN RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC. (NCD) uses its own original skills to objectively interpret market sensitivities and provide psychological information as specific design information. Since 1967, NCD has been providing メemotive informationモ to a wide variety of customers including numerous manufacturing, logistics and other companies, as well as public institutions, educational organizations, overseas organizations, and more. And we have played the following pioneering roles over the past 30 years.

Image coordination theory has furthered development of visual merchandising and emotive lifestyle analysis methods.
Through our image system (patent disclosed in 1978), we linked the five senses and language (images), applying and expanding that in a variety of fields.
We were Japanユs first one providing trend information (image information) other than fashion to industry, and 25 years later, we still are.
We forecast the future and make proposals on that. Our research results are announced to and recognized by color researchers and organizations in various countries including the International Colour Association.

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