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People: Consumer research

Survey analyses are performed on the lifestyles, product designs, etc. sought after by consumers, and the results of those are presented as visual customer target information and design information.

œ Visual preference surveying (colors, product designs, etc. based on image systems)
œ Taste/lifestyle surveying and target development by design preference
œ Providing information such as color and design preferences, brand preferences, awareness, etc. by generation/attribute
œ Development of target segmentation systems

Goods: Color & image analysis/proposition

Product colors and designs that will be sought after in the near future are proposed from an industry perspective from present-state analysis, competition analysis, and related-field analysis, as well as from target analysis, era forecasting, etc.

œ Color design proposals for home interiors & exteriors, building materials, fixtures, household equipment, interior items, bedding, clothing, toys, home electronics, audiovisual equipment, information & communications devices, office fixtures, stationary, office equipment, automobiles, industrial machinery, railway cars, etc.
œ Color design and assessment for packages (food, drink, cosmetics, drugs, etc.)
œ Color design and assessment for markings/logos, signs, POP, displays

Environment: Color planning & Scene coloring

Contribution is made to creating environment spaces that are comfortable and well-accepted in their location with our means such as natural environment color surveys, historical and cultural building surveys, area color surveys, and resident awareness surveys. Proposals are made from a glocal (global and local) standpoint.

œ Color planning for public facilities, buildings, bridges, power plants, waste incinerators, etc.
œ Color planning for commercial facilities, shops/sales floors, shopping districts, paved roads, and shopping arcades.
œ Townscape and scenery color guideline establishment (Fukushima prefecture, Aomori prefecture, Miyakonojo city, Matsue city)
œ Railroad new line marketing, regional image surveys

Information: Trend analysis/forecasting

Products in various fields, color design trends, trendy colors in Japan and abroad, and the relationship between modern phenomena and consumer psychology are analyzed to propose forecasts for next-generation design trends.

œ Modern trend analysis, product design analysis
œ Trendy shop direction surveys, character analysis
œ Trendy color forecast, design trend analysis proposals (domestic & overseas)
œ Publishing of "IMAGE JOHHO - SEASON IMAGE & COLOR" To Trend Information

Communication: Image strategy

Images such as the brand that a corporation communicates, products, ads, and shops are assessed and analyzed, and support is given for an image strategy.

œ Corporate identity (color, markings/logos) development/assessment, corporate/brand image surveys
œ Product design assessment, ad image assessment, and design assessment systems
œ Establishing and assessing image expressions that fit corporate/brand or product advertising

System: Software & system development

Software and sales promotion support systems utilizing image systems are developed. R&D is also promoted for emotive technology utilized on PCs and the Website.

This includes the database image survey software "ImageAnalyst for Windows ".
œ Use in a wide range of areas such as preference diagnosis, product development, design assessment, corporate image surveys, scenery/environment image surveys, consulting, and emotive education. To ImageAnalyst Website

Marketing support systems (on PCs and the Web)
œ Development of systems for sales promotion, including customization of ImageAnalyst. Strong support given for corporate emotive marketing.

Color analysis systems, environmental color analysis systems
œ A color analysis system that utilizes a Hue & Tone system was developed independently by NCD. That is used in areas such as product color and environment image surveys. NCD Color System


Work is done in conjunction with the client to solve a companyΥs internal development themes and actual issues of projects over a set period of time such as in an annual contract. Consulting is given through image planning methodology and by providing information. Issue-solving is supported, and the organizationΥs latent potential is further developed.

œ Current status analysis, target analysis, color and trend information provided and utilized.

œ Concept proposal and visualization, commercialization planning, design, sales promotion, shop display direction, assessment

œ Self-conducted surveys, theme research support, etc.

Overseas marketing

Product color surveys, color preference surveys, lifestyle surveys, brand image and other on-site surveys, Website surveys, and literature searches are carried out. Characteristics of the countryΥs market and design deployment points are extracted from a global perspective.

œ Market surveys for home electronics, audiovisual equipment, information & communications devices, food, livingware, stores, etc.
œ Global brand and ad image surveys, consumer design preference surveys
œ Activities in Asia (China, Korea, Singapore), Europe, North America
œ Color/public art research center established in China with a partner

Self-conducted survey research

Basic research, future key image research, modern era research, trend research, color trend research by field, and overseas research are conducted. The results are utilized in information materials development and seminars.

œ Five sense image research (material feel, taste, tone color, smell, etc.)
œ Theme image research (health, healing, elderly, baby-boomers, "junior" baby-boomers, etc.)
œ Color trend surveys (housing exhibits, condominiums, office environments, home electronics, cars)
œ Overseas color design research (Asia, Europe, North America)

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