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Hue and Tone System

The Hue and Tone System, which is intuitive and systematic, was developed for psychological study and marketing color research. It is based on the Munsell System with reference to the ISCC-NBS naming method. As a base, chromatic colors are organized in 10 hues and 12 tones, and there are 10 achromatic colors.
The tone of a color is the result of the interaction of two factors: value or brightness, and chroma or color saturation. The tones range from vivid and bright to subdued and dark.
This two]dimensional color system makes it easier to classify color data, to grasp the pattern of researched colors or to make time series analysis.


Hue and Tone SystemFMM.Color Chart (1093 colors)

The Color Chart, Marketing & Merchandising Color Chart, lists 1093 colors in range classified using the Hue and Tone System.
It consists of 43 hues. This means, each hue, namely R, YR, Y, GY, G, BG, B, PB, P, RP is subdivided into four and the high frequently used hues in the market, that is 6R, 1Y and 6PB are added. As for the subdivision of hues, 25 tones are classified. The 18 steps are adopted for the achromatic colors.

Color Analysis System (for reference)

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