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Every color has its own meaning. The images that people hold of colors differ slightly with the individual, however, people have a common feeling for the colors.
NCD's own Color Image Scale was developed psychologically to clarify the common feeling of color images.
Image equivent conversion and the image coordination

the image planning consistently
The three psychological criteria (axes) constitute the Color Image Scale, that is, warm or cool, soft or hard, and clear and grayish. Single colors, color combinations and adjectives are classified and characterized by these three attributes in the Color Image Scale.
The Color Image Scale allows also the classification and correlations of images for various objects (shapes, patterns, clothing, product design or scenery etc.). It is used as a practical tool to analyze the patterns of images and to evaluate the images of objects relatively.
Advantages of the Image Scale
On the basis of psychological research of colors, the Image Scale has been to break down in an objective and sensitive way the abstract areas of the meanings of objects, product images, and individual taste, and to transpose the image of colors into words. Within this overall system, color, adjective, shape, pattern, and material are ordered, therefore, it permits to carry out the image planning consistently.
The Color Image Scale was created to be an objective tool to comprehending social trends and attitudes to promote accurate image communication and image planning. It can be used to analyze and categorize the current situation of a product, to understand competing product strategy, to standardize patterns of consumer preferences, thereby promoting the development of new idea and its color planning.
It facilitates communication between designers and non]designers, specialists and non]specialists and people involved in differing fields of activity.

Color Image Scale (Single Color)

Color Combination Image Scale (three colors)

Word Image Scale (180 image words)

Image Scale for Interior Designs

Color Image Scale
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Interrelationships in the semantic space of the Color Image Scale
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